Simple Web User Interface

Subscriber self-service with a suite of open APIs supporting system integration.


Unlock the benefits of subscriber self-care

Responsive customizable web user interface supporting localization and globalization for subscriber self-care and electronic billing. WEB360 offers a huge suite of over 100 open APIs, supporting a wide variety of transactional requirements.

The benefits to you


Easy, low-risk bill payment

Self-Care allows customers to pay bills on their own terms through one-off or recurring payments. Self-care gives customers the control they require, all while reducing financial risk for the operator.


Secure integrations through open APIs

Open APIs allow system integration with third party in-house or external systems. Enabling authentication and authorization allows the control businesses require to be integration secure.


More flexibility for customers

Increase customer satisfaction and engagement by providing a self-care interface by enabling users to access their information, services, invoices, payments, and more.


Enhanced platform security

Secure self-care interface routinely penetration tested for security vulnerabilities. Supports two phase authentication and use of ReCaptcha for added login security.

A host of valuable features

We drive success by giving customers the tools necessary to self-manage business rules, workflows, marketing strategies, product offerings, treatment policies and more, to instantly meet the constantly evolving challenges of a competitive marketplace.


Self-Care Web Interface

Responsively designed for a variety of different designs, the WEB360 platform offers custom branding and themes, a variety of language and currency options and CMS style page management. For the subscriber, the platform offers a multitude of options, such as plan and free usage details, top-up capabilities, balance details and card or direct debit payments.


Over 100 Open APIs

WEB360 supports authentication and authorization through a vast number of well-developed and documented open APIs, with ongoing development as required. These APIs offer an array of functionalities, including the management of customers, services, products, invoicing, payments and more.


IVR Integration

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) integration supports common integration for screen pop Caller ID referenced ID into the CRM. This improves customer experience, with customer service records (CSRs) showing reduced overall support call time.


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