Integrated Point of Sale

A powerful and sophisticated POS interface supporting all advanced retail store functions for product and service sales management.


A simple, streamlined POS interface that does it all

Our easy to use POS dashboard has color categorized functions supporting all inventory types, sales order and invoicing sales functions, accounting functions for balances, payments, returns, exchanges, credits, voids, as well as dispute and service management functions.

Whether you’re selling new products, upselling accessories, processing returns, exchanging products, or issuing credits, POS360 handles it all effortlessly and efficiently.

The benefits to you


Sales to Activation Made Easy

The POS360 platform streamlines the entire sales process. Users can enable sale to activation with provisioning in under two minutes.


Unlock Advanced Capabilities

Designed to support numerous complex invoicing functions like payment terms, credit limits, installment billing of devices and more.


Simplified Hardware Integration

Built-in support for all types of popular POS hardware, including. cash drawers, receipt printers, signature pads, barcode scanners and more.


Effortless Document Output

Document distribution for both print and email and in various file formats. Supports a vast array of document output forms.

A host of valuable features

We drive success by giving customers the tools necessary to self-manage business rules, workflows, marketing strategies, product offerings, treatment policies and more, to instantly meet the constantly evolving challenges of a competitive marketplace.


Easy to use interface

Our POS360 dashboard interface makes user training simple and makes interactions with customers and subscribers quicker and more efficient.


Make daily operations simple

End to end management of retail store operations. Feel the power of POS from drawer opening until cash out and reconciliation at the end of the day.


Improve efficiencies with hardware

Using specific devices like; barcode scanners, electronic cash drawers and receipt printers makes customer transaction processing a breeze.


Transform retail functions

Whatever type of transaction you need to process, it can be done within a single line-item transaction processing screen, simplifying usability.


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