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MAINTENANCE360 offers regular preventative maintenance and health checks by our team of experts. Maintaining a healthy platform is important to keep processes streamlined and improve overall system performance. Two examples of critical health checks are focused on volumes of mediated call detail records (CDRs) and database index management.

The benefits to you


Automate Database Management

Maintaining a healthy system and maintaining and archiving CDRs using automation, is the best method for keeping databases small, simplifying backups and restores to test environments.


Keep Data Integrity Under Control

Routinely reorganizing and rebuilding fragmented database indexes using automation is the single best way to maintain system performance regardless of transaction volumes.


Put Metrics Front and Center

Management and monitoring of system metrics and drive space is an important tool included as part of the maintenance program, along with other health checks to ensure optimal performance.


Ensure Effortless Compliance

Wherever your customers are, make sure you ensure compliance with data governance policies and data protection laws in various territories throughout the world.

A host of valuable features

Our managed services are available on both a customized and pre-packaged basis, including Revenue Assurance, Billing Management, Business Analysis, Platform Monitoring, and Database Maintenance.


Disk Space Management

The single largest contributor to disk space utilization is the mediation of potentially hundreds of millions of CDRs, EDRs, or UDRs. For this reason, Advantage 360 offers the MAINTENANCE360 module for proactively managing systems and usage volumes, using automated tools and techniques, ensuring a consistently well managed platform.


Database Index Management

As transactions are generated in the database, over time database table indexes become fragmented and maintenance is required to realign the data in the index. Indexes are designed to improve database and query performance and keeping the indexes managed is very important. For this, Advantage 360 provides an automated tool that uses proprietary techniques to keep indexes well-tuned.


Quarterly Health Checks

Verifying all systems are operational and running in an optimum mode, we have employed a quarterly health check as part of the program. The health check includes reviews on server disk drive utilization, index fragmentation management, usage archiving management, and database backup and transaction log management.


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