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Your data migration project, planned to the very last detail

You’ve selected an OSS/BSS solution that meets your growing needs, but how do you get from where you are now to implementing the new system? Data migration and platform integrations are no easy task to manage, especially when hundreds of thousands or even millions of end users expect uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, with no disruption to their billing cycles.

At Advantage 360, efficient and thorough project planning is built into our DNA. We guide you through the process by designing a customized project plan based on a thorough scoping, GAP analysis and understanding your unique needs.


What you can expect from us during the project:

  • Project InitiationIdentify project desires, goals, and objectives
  • Project ScopingPerform GAP analysis and scoping functions to determine changes required to fulfill requests from core offering
  • Project PlanningDevelop project plan timeline using best practice and controls to manage and deliver on-time projects
  • Statement of WorkDevelopment of the SOW defines the key project details and signing with funding starts the project
  • Design DocumentCreated by our developers so our customers can see in detail exactly what will be implemented, eliminating any ambiguity
  • Project KickoffIntroduction of the teams setting expectations for how the project will be managed
  • Recurring MeetingsRegular recurring meetings are scheduled obtaining project status updates for reporting back to key stakeholders
  • User TrainingCoordinate user training on new features and functionality
  • User Acceptance TestingAs each release becomes available, user acceptance testing is required for sign-off to mark the task completed
  • Project DeliveryCoordinated project deployment is based on an agreed date and time

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