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Connecting end users to a powerful mobile platform




A rapidly growing market

Mobile telecommunications is the process of wirelessly sending, transmitting and receiving information over a distance. Mobile signal transmission uses a mobile device, such as a cellular phone. With the advent of 4G and 5G technology, the possibilities for mobile technology have been expanded yet further, and telecommunications operators must be on the lookout for new revenue streams to stay competitive. Our powerful OSS360 platform supports GSM and CDMA technologies, LTE, voice, text, data as well as CIBER and TAP roaming.

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Supporting the full lifecycle of the mobile customer

The all-encompassing OSS360 solution manages the entire lifecycle of the customer from sale to collecting payments. And with the POS360 module, a retail agent can make a sale, activate a SIM, sell insurance and manage renewals or upgrades in a matter of minutes.

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The benefits to you


Easy to use

The OSS360 modular system is an easy-to-use system with a multitude of incredible features.


A single platform

Your subscribers lifecycle is captured, processed and billed in one place.


Reduced time to market

Do away with systems that don’t support the quick rollout of new products or charging models.


Superior billing functionality

Take advantage of an increased capability to handle CDRs at scale and automate mass data processing tasks.

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The A360 product suite


Feature rich and highly configurable OSS/BSS platform supporting operators’ end-to-end needs

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Integrated Point of Sale module designed for retail store operations

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Integrated Post Pay & Prepay terms management

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Self-Care Interface designed to support subscriber account management

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Managed services for system optimization and maintenance

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When we chose Advantage 360, we had an extreme urgency to replace several existing billing systems and launch within 6 to 9 months. Not only did they launch us in just 3 months, their software functionality, capacity and support allowed us to grow from less than 3 million subscribers to more than 5 million in only 18 months.

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Learn about how Advantage 360 can help your business drive new growth with our extensive set of features.

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