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What is fixed line?

Everyone is familiar with the everyday analogue telephone line. It is the most common type of installation, from consumers to business. A fixed-line can be seen as a connection to an end customer, by means of a cable, through which a user can make phone calls or connect to the Internet. Fixed-lines are clearly separate from the mobile phone network, by which end users are connected to the network via wireless transmission technologies.

Why consider an OSS/BSS solution?

Advantage 360’s OSS360 carrier-grade operations and billing platform has the capability to support a wide range of fixed line solutions, including 800 numbers, long distance, centrex and non-centrex, ILEC (Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier) and CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) and analog or digital. We support operators who are looking to move from a custom software system developed in-house to an Enterprise system.

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The benefits to you



Easily plug in other types of services along with fixed line billing.



OSS360 is highly customizable and feature-rich, allowing the system to be shaped to your needs.



Our modular platform is designed to grow as you do, making it the only system you’ll ever need.



With the trend of ever-increasing CDRs that need to be processed, you’ll never need to worry about running out of system capacity.

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After several years and two failures with previous software vendors in our quest for a truly convergent billing system for our wire line, wireless, data and internet business services, Advantage 360’s software offered all the functionality and capability that we sought... Advantage 360’s staff adeptly stepped up to the challenge and helped us meet our critical deadlines for migrating off our legacy billing system. Thanks to Advantage 360 we are better poised to be more creative and flexible in our product offerings which is vital for our remaining a viable entity in what will be an extremely competitive Telecoms marketplace.
Antigua Public Utilities Authority

The A360 product suite


Feature rich and highly configurable OSS/BSS platform supporting operators’ end-to-end needs

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Integrated Point of Sale module designed for retail store operations

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Integrated Post Pay & Prepay terms management

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Self-Care Interface designed to support subscriber account management

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Managed services for system optimization and maintenance

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Learn about how Advantage 360 can help your business drive new growth with our extensive set of features.

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