Operational Data Dashboards

Bringing your business operations data to life


Insight into your business

Discover new ways to understand and make business decisions. Dashboards allow you to view all aspects of your business from an operational perspective through revenue generation and payment collection.



Dynamic and interactive dashboards

Advantage 360 offers standard dashboards and provides services for ongoing customization of dashboard to suit your operational requirements. The vast amount of valuable data captured in OSS360 lends itself to newer and requested custom views. The dashboards we create are live and interactive, meaning if an element is selected the entire view dynamically changes. This allows different ways to analyze data, providing different views and answering new questions.


Related services


The OSS360 platform has been designed to easily integrate with various third party systems and APIs for the purpose of automating tasks receiving and delivering data back and forth.

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We create professional looking custom designed document layouts that are distributed or downloaded documents in the form of statements, invoices, letters, and more.

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The key to successful project implementation is precise project planning. Our project managers are among the best at coordinating, communicating, and managing overall projects with key members.

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