Mission Critical OSS/BSS Software

Carrier-grade convergent billing solutions allowing operators to deliver competitive new product and service offerings from a highly configurable platform.


A Complete Integrated Turn-Key Solution

OSS360 has been designed from inception to support all prepay and post-pay telecom related technologies across all operations support system (OSS) and business support system (BSS) functions and workflows. OSS360’s well-designed architecture supports numerous existing integrations, while providing flexibility for future integrations of any kind.

This includes Taxing, Address Validation, Credit Bureaus, Plant and Facilities Management, Workforce Management, Provisioning, Mediation, Payment Gateways, ACH, Document Distribution, Warranty Systems, and much more.


Mobile Technology

Whatever combination of wireless communication protocols you’re running your mobile networks on, we’ve got your operations and business support systems covered. In addition, OSS360 seamlessly supports all types of mobile billing services, including roaming and inter-carrier billing.

GSM  |  CDMA  |  LTE  |  4G  |  5G  |  OCS/CCS  |  CIBER  |  TAP  |  Incollects  |  Outcollects  |  NRTRDE  |  Interconnect






Fixed Line Technology

OSS360 also supports a wide range of convergent fixed-line workflow operations and billing requirements, from business telephone exchange systems to all the latest technologies in broadband, streaming and VoIP services.

ILEC  |  CLEC  |  Long Distance  |  POTS  |  CENTREX  |  Non-CENTREX  |  PRI  |  BRI  |  Special Circuits  |  VoIP  |  DSL  |  Broadband  |  CATV  |  IPTV  |  PPV  |  VOD  |  Home  |  Automation

The benefits to you


Experience that Counts

Our team has extensive experience in deploying, migrating, training, launching, and supporting software solutions to operators worldwide.


Fast Product & Service Deployment

OSS360’s integrated solution requires less time and resource costs to deploy new products and services, achieving a revenue increase due to faster asset utilization.


Flexible Deployment Architecture

Subscriber sizing and usage record volumes determines the system configuration available in various models, all allow faster root cause analysis, reducing OPEX and disaster recovery costs.


Reduced Sytem Complexity

Reduced integration costs and compatibility issues employing a single subscriber management and data model, eliminating costs for middleware, build and additional maintenance costs.

A host of valuable features

We drive success by giving customers the tools to self-manage; business rules, workflows, marketing strategies, product offerings, treatment policies and more, to instantly meet the constantly evolving challenges of a competitive marketplace.


Acquire New Subscribers

OSS360 automatically captures new lead contact details, requests, tasks, requirements and delivers product and customized service quotes. Plus, it assigns leads to your sales and marketing teams to make sure leads are followed up and deals are closed.


Retain Existing Subscribers

Utilize a wide range of included tools; purpose-built to help you retain customers. Bundled, volume, unit, and rate plan discounts referral, loyalty, promotional bonuses, and much more.


Increase Billable Services and AVERAGE REVENUE PER USER

Stay competitive with ultra-fast development and deployment of new product and service offerings. A building block design allows for limitless plan design configuration.


Help Carriers get Paid

With tools like Past Due Treatment, various tiers can be configured for differing account types that trigger events like SMS notifications or emails to imposed service restrictions based on amount and days past due.


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