Simplify Terms and Credit Management

An integrated OSS360 module providing essential terms and credit management features.


Effortless flexibility on terms and credit management

TERMS360 is an integrated post pay and prepay terms management module that supports both one-time and recurring tokenized credit card and bank debit charging. This module also helps you easily automate past due treatment notifications and implement rules for service restrictions. Online and offline charging integrations are available as well as metered billing based on credit limits.

The benefits to you


Offer More Payment Options

Get paid in more ways than just cash and check. Easily set up recurring billing for services with tokenized credit card and bank debit checking, or savings accounts.


Reduce Overdue Payments

Train customers to pay on time with past due treatment codes and tiers. Configure business rules based on days and amounts past due, through notifications or restrictions.


Simple Installment Plans

For customers struggling to pay bills, implement payment commitment plans. This removes customers from past due treatment actions, unless commitments have not been fulfilled.


Real-Time Charging Control

Reduce revenue leakage with real-time online charging (OCS). May be used for prepay, post pay, or a hybrid model. Available for use with both mobile and broadband services.

A host of valuable features

We drive success by giving customers the tools necessary to self-manage business rules, workflows, marketing strategies, product offerings, treatment policies and more, to instantly meet the constantly evolving challenges of a competitive marketplace.


Past Due Treatment

Manage late subscriber payments via automated delinquency management protocols, including configurable treatment codes and tiers, follow-ups, SMS and email notifications, service restrictions and automatic service restoration upon payment.


Payment Commitment Plans

Allow subscribers having difficulties paying their bills to make payment commitments, in order to avoid past due treatment restrictions. Automate new plan letters, first and last payment letters and delinquency letters.


Credit Card & Bank Debit Payments

TERMS360 supports payments via tokenized credit card payments or bank debit orders. These instructions can cover either one-time or recurring payments and are PCI compliant.


Online OCS Integration

TERMS360 offers robust integration options and a common user interface with our online charging module, OCS360. Integrations such as provisioning, top-ups, voucher inquiry, and payments and history are available.


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