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IPTV & Cable TV

The OSS360 platform supports both Cable TV and Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) services. While both technologies provide similar services, the method in which services are deployed are very different. In essence, cable TV flows over the copper network and more modern networks using Fiber Optics provide more interactive IPTV services. In either case, our platform operates both technologies in a similar way managing set-top boxes (STB) and provisioning to various networks.

Provisioning Services & VOD

Cable TV & IPTV services include unique components of services offerings that include pay-per-view (PPV) and video on-demand (VOD). Our pay-per-view system allows operators to load channel lineup content from a provider. A user interface in CRM is used to search and locate content for subscriber purchase that will provision the event and add the charge to their next monthly invoice. These are typically high-demand sporting events such as professional boxing matches. Video on-demand is a media distribution system provided by the service provider's media vendor for which we provision base channel lineup, packaged channel lineups, video on-demand including recording storage capacities.

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The benefits to you


Accurate billing

VOD and subscription CDRs are added to customer invoices instantly and automatically.


Instant provisioning

Fast, efficient and problem-free access to video on demand and subscription services.


Customer satisfaction

Convergent billing, simplicity and clear terms of sale all contribute to an excellent end user experience.


Enhanced privacy

Sensitive video content descriptions can be replaced with customized descriptions for discreet billing purposes.

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The A360 product suite


Feature rich and highly configurable OSS/BSS platform supporting operators’ end-to-end needs

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Integrated Point of Sale module designed for retail store operations

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Integrated Post Pay & Prepay Terms Management

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Self-Care Interface designed to support subscriber account management

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Managed services for system optimization and maintenance

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Learn about how Advantage 360 can help your business drive new growth with our extensive set of features.

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