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We Take Billing Very Seriously
That’s because it is the single most mission-critical component of our customers’ daily operations.

Furthermore, industry-wide, billing is responsible for more than 70% of all customer care inquiries. Most are due to inaccuracies and an often-confusing bill presentation.

Meanwhile, bills are the most viewed and cost effective way to upsell services and market new products, as well as to establish a solid company image and promote lasting loyalty.

A Limitless Range of Options

It all starts with a real time rating engine that provides dynamic error-checking and true cross-technology convergence. This includes the cafeteria-style ability to apply every EDR / CDR type available as well as an extremely creative range of user-defined fixed charges, discounts, free usage types and bundling options. Once any change is made to rating rules, a test trial billing process allows users to see the impact on customers without committing the results to accounts receivable.

Customers can be assigned to any of up to 28 bill cycles, either automatically (based upon criteria) or manually (based upon customer requirements). Individual charges can be billed hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually or in user-defined periods, such as, delay billing for a given service x months and stop billing that service after y months, etc. Meanwhile, end-to-end on-demand and periodic billings are simple step-by-step processes with an abundance of built-in safeguards.

Unlimited Bill Formats

This is where the money is! So, bill composition must be informative, complete, detailed, dynamic, underwhelming and, above all else, absolutely ACCURATE. Delivery options are also a must.

We begin with DocOrigin, an industry-leading third-party document formatting and output management application that supports a limitless range of color, layout and data merge options, as well as sorter marks, barcodes and QR codes. Additionally, it provides the ability to print, fax or e-mail documents, and to send them to a bulk print vendor or post them to a secure subscriber-accessible website.

Next, we add international language and currency capabilities and the ability to mix any combination of technologies, services, promotions, taxes, accounting codes and detail levels on any bill. Also, over 400 dynamically-selected data presentation sections that appear based upon services rendered, detail levels requested, promotional date ranges, etc., and numerous criteria-based ways to merge logos, messages, images and other documents.

The combined results of these diverse elements are a dynamic bill presentation that pleases and retains subscribers, catches the competition off-guard, and significantly reduces billing-related CRM traffic.

Meaningful Statistics

Multiple kinds of full-color pie charts, bar graphs and other statistical data can be calculated based upon user-defined criteria that dynamically merge the results onto relevant bill sections. This can give subscribers a crystal clear snapshot of their activity, usage and rate plan effectiveness. This can build subscriber confidence and make upselling easy.

Trial billing processes and included system reports look at subscriptions, plan assignments, ARPU, rating, billing and roaming from every angle. Most are offer a range of selectable criteria and are available in both summary and detailed versions. Each is based upon over three decades of meeting demanding customer requirements, and is designed to highlight anomalies and
provide users with a wealth of exceptionally complete and reliable information.