We Deliver Convergence with a Clear Advantage

Many essential cross-technology and competitive-market features, based upon the experience of installations world-wide. Highly robust software solutions all backed with world-class support and a customer success-driven development team.
Our Carrier-Grade Billing, POS, CRM and OSS Solutions support GSM, CDMA, 4G, LTE, 5G, VoLTE, TAP, CIBER, NRTRDE, Interconnect, ILEC, CLEC, Long Distance, POTS, Centrex, PRI, BRI, Special Circuits, DSL, CATV, FTTx, Broadband, VoIP, IPTV, PPV, VOD, Home Automation, Point of Sale, CRM, and Operational Support Software.

Why use Advantage 360?


Fully Integrated System

Our platform provides all necessary software to manage your end-to-end business. No need to purchase separate modules from different vendors and through middleware and separate technologies configure them to work.


Software Design Philosophy

In decisions to change software, we make we ensure one of the four principles are followed –acquire new subscribers, retain existing subscribers, increase billable revenue, help get paid.


Tools to help you get paid

Key benefits of our platform include Past Due Treatment, a valuable process that allows rules to be configured that when subscribers are delinquent actions can be taken to ensure service is ultimately affected, thereby prompting payment action.


Highly Configurable

Our highly configurable platform enables new product and service offerings through configuration not coding. Our reusable building block design makes creating new products offerings fast and simple.

The Advantage 360 Product Suite


Feature rich and highly configurable OSS/BSS platform supporting operators’ end-to-end needs

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Integrated Point of Sale module designed for retail store operations

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Integrated Post Pay & Prepay terms management

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Self-Care Interface designed to support subscriber account management

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Managed services for system optimization and maintenance

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Learn about how Advantage 360 can help your business drive new growth with our extensive set of features.

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