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SMSC Short Codes | Advantage 360

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A short code is a special telephone number designed for high-throughput, two-way messaging. Short codes are used to send and receive SMS messages to and from mobile phones. Their name is derived from the fact that they are shorter (usually five to six digits) than their ten-digit long code counterparts.

Advantage 360 has developed a product add-on feature named SMSC Short Codes. This new feature enables subscribers and operators to communicate information via text messages for access to various information in the OSS/BSS platform. A service connects to the SMSC that can listen for specific messages for defined short codes, intercept the message, and write them to an OSS360 queue for processing. This queue is then used to process against various kinds of data in the OSS/BSS platform. This process has been designed with flexibility in mind allowing new processes to easily be implemented.

        Use Cases
  • Text “info” to 1234 for voice, text, data free usage balances.
  • Text “help” to 1234 for list of add-on product and pricing.
  • Text “add2gb” to 1234 to add 2 GB of data for $10 to subscription.
  • Text “bal” to 1234 for current balance and next payment due date.
  • Text ”upgrade” to 1234 to be upgraded to next data tier. (Automatic upgrade tiers)

  • Provides new ways to generate revenue for real-time product add-ons.
  • Interact with subscribers in simple easy to use operations.
  • Designed to allow new interactive processes to be easily developed.

  • Allows unlimited short code definitions, each for use with their own processing purpose.
  • Supports pre-defined Action Types for setting rules and responses for inbound & outbound messages.
  • Action Types provide validation and response messages for situations like invalid message, expired message, purchase frequency, maximum purchase per cycle, and many more.
  • Provides the ability to customize Action Types, defining new actions, rules, and messages.

To learn more, please contact sales@advantage360.com


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