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Expanded Workflow Rules for OSS360 | Advantage 360

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In recent months, Advantage 360 has significantly expanded the capabilities of our configurable Workflow Rules. These Workflow Rules are special way to configure OSS360 allow Sales Orders to be generated into our SO Workflow process. The SO Workflow process itself is a dynamically configurable workflow process where users can configure the display or tabs for which the orders are displayed. Then through an Escalation process, orders can be escalated though the workflow process for any defined order of steps that must be completed for an order to be fulfilled. For instance, let’s assume a carrier is offering some type of service that requires a technician to be dispatched to a home or business. When an order is created it is activated in a hold status and an SO Workflow Sales Order is generated to the first step. There may be a series of steps a user or automated process users to traverse the order through the final step which ultimately invoices the Sales Order and activates the service. Auto provisioning either in a pre-provisioning or full provisioning state can take place at any time with in the escalation points.

Here are some of the recent enhancements to SO Workflow:

  • The ability to partially provision or fully provision service at anytime within the workflow process.
  • The ability to require a Security Deposit on the Sales Order on all recurring fees or primary Access Fees or Specially priced Package pricing for X billing cycles with varying rules based on a credit score.
  • The ability to add a group of Packaged Inventory items to a Sales Order.
  • The ability to add ONT (Optical Network Terminal or Modem) and STB (Set-Top Box) tiered customized pricing based on how many are required for an install.
  • The ability to manage in flight and post activation changes to STB Increase / Decrease, Device Swap, VOIP Additions / Deletions, and Equipment Returns.

These are the noteworthy enhancements however many more subtle changes have been added to support the overall Workflow process.

To learn more, please contact sales@advantage360.com.


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