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ERP Integration

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Introducing Advantage 360’s new add-on feature for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration. This new feature enables real-time bidirectional transaction processing between OSS360 and ERP Platforms. The flexible design allows for simplified ERP platform integration using customized methods and data mapping in both directions. The user interface allows for review of transactions in both directions as well as management of data mapping. Our first implementation of this new feature to NetSuite has received glowing reviews.

Use Cases

  • ERP Platform requiring bidirectional data synchronization
  • Product & Service Catalog synchronization between platforms
  • Physical Inventory (SIM, Non-Serialized, Serialized) pushed to OSS360 platform from ERP platform
  • Customer, Address, & Contact data pushed to ERP platform
  • Sales of Products & Services data pushed to ERP platform
  • Payments & Refunds data pushed to ERP platform


  • Enables syncing of POS/BSS data to your ERP platform
  • Synchronize platforms with two-way data mapping
  • Real-Time data transfer using API integration
  • ERP provides unified view from various systems


  • User interface to filter and view bidirectional transactions
  • View API request/response parameters, messages, logging, and reprocessing capabilities
  • Outbound and Inbound data mapping review and management between platforms
  • Completely automated transaction processing

For more information contact your A360 representative or email sales@advantage360.com



ERP Integration

Introducing Advantage 360’s new add-on feature for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration. This new feature...


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