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Bulk Management Tool for OSS 360 | Advantage 360

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Advantage 360 has received numerous inquiries from customers requesting tools for bulk operations within the OSS360 platform. Historically we have provided one off customer developed processes to support the requests. Due to the demand, we endeavoured to build a common tool all customers can utilize. We are pleased to have met this demand by developing a dynamic web-enabled application we call the Bulk Management Tool (BMT) whose UI (User Interface) and architecture is written to be generic only requiring back-end development of new custom operations. This tool enables us to deploy new custom developed methods and rule sets for loading, transforming, and managing bulk data changes satisfying customer requirements with ease. The tool has been adopted by numerous customers whose feedback has been well received.


  • Common easy to use web-enabled interface for processing bulk transactions.
  • Lower cost to develop & deploy new custom processing methods.
  • Simplified and less restrictive import file formatting requirements.
  • Flexible yet robust processing power for any kind of bulk data manipulation.


  • Authentication and Authorization limiting access to only those with approved security settings.
  • Filename selection validation, ensuring users import correct files in any format.
  • Ability to schedule operation to run at defined date and time. (i.e. During non-business hours)
  • Customizable data mapping from import offering flexibility with subsequent data changes.
  • History view for historical imports and log messaging.

To learn more, please contact sales@advantage360.com


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