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3rd_partyPartnerships That Make Sense
While we develop most functionality in-house, as can be seen by our Partners page, we also maintain API-level compatibility with a very long list of third-party solutions.

Integration is usually seamless, and allows users to perform related tasks in our software while, API’s provide a “black box” integration that they never see or worry about. In addition to over 140 switches and devices, this includes various third-party products in the following major areas of operations:

Credit Bureaus

In addition to internal scoring mechanisms, our credit approval and treatment processes give users real time interaction with Equifax, Experian and Trans Union credit scoring bureaus.

Online Charging

Integration with Volubill and other OCS vendors gives our customers on-line charging and data throttling capabilities.

Printing Service Bureaus

While our solutions are capable of simultaneously managing and load balancing printing to up to 99 printers, including color, font and insert management, some customers prefer to have their bulk printing done by a service bureau. We currently offer compatibility with OSG, Source Corp, Island Press and EverTek.

Address Verification

To limit subscription fraud and address-related typos, our address entry processes integrate with Melissa Data. It provides address validation, normalization and cleansing for addresses in over 240 countries. We also integrate with Mailers +4, which also integrates with our address entry processes to provide US Postal Service CASS certification.

Tax Calculations

While our solutions include internal tax tables that can meet the taxing requirement of customers worldwide, we also integrate with CCH. This provides monthly updates for telecom and POS tax rates and address-based geo code calculations across approximately 70,000 US taxing jurisdictions.

In this interface, we import CCH tables and geo code calculations directly into our OSS database and then use that data in our internal taxing engine. This lowers the initial cost of CCH and improves speed and ease of use of invoicing and other taxed and tax-reversal accounting processes.

Credit & Debit Card Clearing

While the numbers are dwindling, there are still a few products available that facilitate the clearing of one-up and bulk credit card and debit card charges without collecting processing fees that ACHs charge in addition those charged by banks and credit card providers. These include PAYware and PC Charge by Verifone. We integrate seamlessly integrate with both solutions. Also, with IP Pay.

IN Prepay

In addition to prepay and metered billing functionality provided by our Terms360 module, we also currently provide integration with IN prepay platforms by Primal, Huawei and ZTE. Our normal post pay-like interface is all that users see when they add customers, activate and manages services, look up balances and recharge balances.

Warranty Processing

Our activation, sales order, service order, invoicing and accounting processes integrate directly with Apple Care to provide our customers with a convenient way to manage Apple warranty processing.

Facilities Management

Our fulfillment, mediation, provisioning and billing processes integrate at various levels with mapping, staking, CABS and facilities managements by StellarRAD, MapCom, CadTel and CHR. Of these, our highest level of integration is presently with StellarRAD and MapCom.

CIBER & TAP Clearing

For wireless operators, we provide in-collect and out-collect roamer record clearing house integration with Verisign, Mach, Syniverse and NetGen.