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2Welcome To Advantage 360
Since 1984, we have developed and have continually evolved forward-thinking carrier-grade billing, POS, CRM and operational support software that is designed to reach well beyond our customers to their customers, and to provide an exceptional experience at every level.

This begins with a corporate-wide hands-on philosophy that immerses our development, quality assurance and support staff into the daily details of each customer’s operations.

In fact, we don’t just listen; we hear what our customers and prospective customers have to say, and we continually evolve the tools they need to succeed. We also frequently travel on-sight to customer locations to see, hear and experience firsthand how our 70,000+ features can be shaped and reshaped to best-serve real world use.

We Work Hard At Being Last

While we are seldom our customers’ first OSS vendor, we are determined to remain their last. In fact, our retention record is an unmatched 99.5%. This is because we are dedicated to ensuring that, in some way, every feature promotes the acquisition and retention of subscribers, maximizes revenue and collections, automates processes to reduce staff training and dependencies, and provides customers with a rapid return and lasting value from their investment.

Global Support

We currently provide global support from offices in six countries, and our well-established support disciplines are driven and inspired by the satisfaction and success enjoyed by more than 200 customers’ world-wide.

Our Open Invitation

If you are a wireless, wireline or IP-based carrier, services provider, reseller or MVNO, and you find yourself considering a move upward in growth and competitiveness, we invite you to contact us for a live on-line or on-site demonstration of the almost unlimited ability of OSS360, POS360 and Terms360 to help you quickly achieve these goals and more.