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Our full range of carrier grade billing, POS, CRM and OSS solutions includes over 70,000 features and functions that provide true end-to-end operational support. To this, we add thousands of feature-rich additional enhancements every year that keep our customers well ahead of their competition.

This core functionality is the result of 30 years of development, and it gives our customers the ability to instantly change their business models without continually paying the price of custom development.

Additionally, 100% of the very same no-compromise functionality that serves customers with conventional in-house and premise-based IT infrastructures is available to those who prefer to operate in a cloud environment.

The following briefly describes each module:

  • operational-support-system-solution


    Convergent CSP, CDMA, TDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE, satellite, MVNO, ILEC, CLEC, CENTREX, VoIP, ISP, WiMAX, WISP, broadband, data, SMS, MMS, content, voice mail, paging, IPTV and CATV billing in single end-to-end and highly internationalized solution that functions identically in both on-site IT infrastructure and cloud environments.

    OSS360 components include carrier grade CRM, marketing, promotions and commissions management, accounts receivable, trouble ticketing, churn and credit scoring and GL, AP, lock box and number portability interfaces. Also text & e-mail alert messaging, number and SIM inventories, agent and reseller access, comprehensive reporting and dashboard functions, invoice formatting tools, EBPP and web self-help, CIBER 2.x, TAP 3.x,, NRTRDE, CABS, mediation, fulfillment and provisioning interfaces, third-party facilities management, IN prepay and print vendor interfaces, Apple Care+ ® integration & reporting and Verizon LTE Integration for LRA Partners interfaces.

  • point-of-sale-solution


    Integrated point-of-sale includes order entry and management, sales force management, inventory, serialized inventory, package inventory, trunk stock, quarantined stock and equipment rental and loaner inventory.

    Also, purchasing, requisitions, stock transfers, automatic reorder points, bulk inventory updates, wireless physical inventory audits, retail, telemarketing and technician commissions, technician and sales staff scheduling, lead tracking, quote management, workflow management, etc. Includes Apple Care+ ® integration.
  • terms-management


    Integrated Post Pay & Prepay Terms Management. Automated rules-based past-due treatment, including metered / stop-limit billing (credit limit management), payment commitments, payment plans, collections activities and collections commissions management.

    Prepay, credit card and bank debit billing are fully supported, includes a “black box” interface to numerous third-party IN platforms. This allows the same user interface screens, plan configuration, accounts receivable, web interface, etc. to be used for both post-pay and prepay account management.
  • web360-integrated-interface


    Integrated interface designed to support remote agent access, electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) and web self-help.

    Web360 is a business rules layer that securely interfaces the graphics on a user designed and owned website to data within SQL and allows authorized site visitors to create an account, purchase products, select or change rate plans and features, activate, suspend or deactivate service, check, pay or print copies of their bill, report an issue (open ticket), set parental control restrictions, schedule a sales appointment and much more.

    A complete set of functionality and API documentation can be found in our Resource Library

  • maintenance-services


    Managed services are available on both a customized and pre-packaged basis. Standard packages include the following:

    • Billing Management services associated with ongoing monthly billing and distribution tasks.
    • Revenue Assurance services designed to ensure that all billable revenue is fully realized.
    • Business Analysis services to assist customers in analyzing business processes, usage patterns and best practices of usage.
    • SQL Server Maintenance / Resource Analysis tools and services to maintain a healthy database environment.