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We Make Staying In Touch Easy
The surest way to convert a prospect to a customer, promote customer loyalty and reduce past-due collection times is by staying in touch with those prospects and customers until it’s a job well-done. We clearly recognize these values and, as a result, the ability to target and automate various types of communique abounds and touches virtually every task within our software.

Message Center

This is an extremely versatile messaging tool.

Users can choose prospects, customers, vendors, employees, agents or resellers as their recipient group, and letter, e-mail, SMS, bill insert, memo or bill comment as their delivery method. Next, users can create a temporary or permanent distribution group that offers 33 additional ways to filter recipients. Each filter offers a choice of Include, Exclude or All. So, for example, if users only want to send a message to agents and resellers, they would set Account Type to Include and choose those two types from a pop-up list. To send a message to all account types except agents and resellers, users would set the Account Type field to Exclude and choose those two types from a pop-up list. To include everyone, the field would be set to All.

The scheduling tab allows users to save their messages and distribution criteria for delivery at a given date / time. This is a great way to manage time-sensitive promotional messages, holiday greetings, etc.

Welcome Packages

In addition to an initial welcome letter, our welcome packages allow users to define an unlimited number of events at which to send a letter or e-mail message, such as birthdays, anniversaries, warranty expirations, etc. This is supported by a data merge capability that can insert highly relevant and recipient-specific data into the communique, such as model names and numbers, serial numbers, purchase dates, etc. Needless to say, welcome packages can promote loyalty and a “we care” image throughout the entire customer life cycle.

Bill Inserts

In addition to the functionality described above, our message center allows users to select recipient criteria and insert pre-printed material into bill runs from any of up to 4 auxiliary printer paper bins.

System Alerts

Dozens of daily functions can automatically notify accounts, subscribers and roamers of related events by SMS, e-mail and / or a special IVR message when they make an inbound call to the call center. These include new subscriber and roamer welcome messages, past-due and account or prepay balance messages, trouble ticket statuses, activation status changes, and much more. Like all other messaging, multiple language variants are fully supported. Furthermore, a schedule can be attached to each message to hold sending alerts during high traffic periods, late at night or on inappropriate days of the week and certain holidays, etc.

Mail Merge

A broad range of correspondence types is fully supported, including general, welcome package, promotional, periodic maintenance, activation, service change and collections-related topics. Each of this is individually supported by a long list of task-specific merge objects that add relevance by inserting real data of various types directly into the correspondence.

While method used to create correspondence and to include merge objects at specific points in the text is very similar to using MS Word, we increase the distribution volumes 100 fold by converting the document to a DocOrigin XML data format that can stream correspondence to high speed printers at the highest rates supported by available network connectivity. This gets the message out with all possible speed!