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Getting paid is really what it’s all about. So, we have designed our Terms360 module to give users a well-integrated and fully automated credit management system for both post-pay accounts and prepay accounts. It includes the following functionality:

Credit Scoring

Two built-in credit scoring options allow users to automate credit decisions. The first compares ranges of credit scores to subscription-based data provided by Equifax, Trans Union and Experian credit bureaus.

The second compares score ranges to data that users enter into an on-screen credit application that is based upon a user-defined self-scoring model. This typically includes income, length of employment, bank balances, utility bill payment history, property ownership and other easily verifiable criteria.

Past-Due Treatment

Users can quickly create a wide-range of treatment rules that automate most past-due account collection processes, such as sending a letter, SMS or e-mail late notice and reducing, hot-lining or terminating service based upon various tiers of past due amount and past due days . When the personal touch is required, a built-in follow-up and escalation mechanism can notify collection staff and insure that collection activities are timely. These are also built-in safeguards against overwhelming past-due accounts to the extent that collection efforts lose their effectiveness.

Additional functionality allows users to split a past due invoice into equal installments or create a versatile payment arrangement that forestalls collections activity as long as the payments are received within the agreed upon terms.

Each of these and other related processes interact with feature-rich collection interfaces in real time to make the most efficient use of automated activities and user involvement.

Metered Billing

Metered / stop-limit billing gives users an extremely versatile way to automatically manage credit limits. Like treatment, it can automatically send a letter, SMS or e-mail limit notification and reduce, hotline or terminate service, based upon an account balance reaching various tiers of an amount or percentage of its credit limit. It can also provide a degree of fraud prevention, and can automatically notify staff whenever a given balance due tier is reached.

Another unique quality is the ability to use the “we trust you” image of post-pay terms to attract new business. Meanwhile, metered billing can be configured to function just like prepay. For example, with prepay, an amount is collected upfront as a deposit that is decremented by usage. For questionable accounts, metered billing optionally allows users to establish service by collecting a security deposit that is usually an amount equal to or greater than the assigned credit limit. As long as invoices are paid as agreed, the deposit remains untouched. If not, service is terminated and the deposit is applied to the balance. The subscriber must then restore the deposit to resume service.

Prepay Billing

Several kinds of post and interim CDR prepay are available. We also include a “black box” interface to numerous third-party IN platforms. This allows the same user screens, plan setup parameters, accounts receivable and web interface, etc. to be used for both post-pay and prepay account management.

Credit Card and Direct Debit Billing

For credit card billing, we maintain a seamless integration with several third-party ACH applications that avoid middleman processing charges. For direct debit billing, we maintain compliance with SEC PPD standards. Both of these payment terms options can automatically settle charges as various usage tiers are reached during a given bill cycle and as part of the cycle-end billing process.