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The New Face of Telecom Sales
While the days of a bag-toting salesperson knocking on doors are not completely gone, the era has clearly taken a backseat to other modern telecom sales channels. These include brick-and-mortar main-street storefronts and kiosks, the internet, e-mail and SMS blasts, vending machine.

In addition, an array of independent agents, from traditional telecom retailers and resellers to convenience, airport, train station and grocery stores, and even department stores, amusement parks, hotel lobbies, cruise ships and service clubs, such as the Boy Scouts.

In fact, the full range of ways to market telecom devices and services seems to be only limited by imagination and the ability of the provider’s OSS to accommodate outside-of-the-box thinking. That’s where we come in!

In addition to adeptly accommodating every one of these sales channels and more, we continually evolve a full range of advanced sales tools. These include unique competition-beating service offerings and countless features and functions that aid and incent sales success.

Lead Management A – Z

Our telemarketing and lead-tracking screen provides users with everything they need to serve and manage prospective customers, including interactive call center scripts, price quoting and messaging capabilities, the ability to record requirements, tasks, memos, follow-ups and unlimited user-defined profile information, as well as assign a salesperson or agent, schedule appointments and track progress.

Sales Force Dashboards

We believe in maximizing the time a salesperson has available to do what they do best and minimizing the amount of work necessary to do it. So, our marketing interface offers each salesperson a personal dashboard that organizes and summarizes their leads, pending tasks, appointments, quotes and open orders, notifies them of expiring contracts and service upgrade prospects and provides convenient ways to stay in touch with customers.

Web-Based Virtual Storefront

Our extensive list of web APIs allows customers to add a broad range of self-help and POS functionality that is fully described in our Resource Library to the look and feel of the company web site, and quickly create a virtual store front that is unrivaled by any of their competitors.

White Label Agent Portal

A broad range of user-defined and password-controlled functionality is available to support independent sales agents, resellers and MVNOs that have web access. This includes the ability to manage subscriptions, sell products, collect payments, etc. White labeling is also fully supported.

Telemarketing, Retail and Activation Commissions

Nothing incents sales success like money and tangible awards. So, our applications include several extremely versatile fixed, percentage and points-based commission systems that are specifically designed to incent telemarketing, POS and activation-based sales activity at multiple levels, such as managers, department heads, supervisors, salespeople, independent agents, etc.

We also give users the ability to assign a broad range of commission charge-back rules and to review, edit, approve and disallow commissions and bonus points before they are applied. In addition, we provide the ability to avoid trans-shipping by tracking equipment wholesales to agents and only applying purchase discounts if that equipment is activated on the seller’s system within a user-defined period of time.