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4Speaking to a World-Wide Market
Whether you are an operator in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa or Asia, your customers probably speak a range of languages and dialects. So, each of our solutions has been designed to fully accommodate the operational requirements of the international user community and the convenience of its customers.

This starts with our development tools and SQL database, which are nearly 100% Microsoft and enjoy world-wide use and support in most languages. Next, we provide a Language Table that includes all of the 140,000+ words and phrases used in our software.

In addition to English, our spelling checker also supports Afrikaans, Basque, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Faroese, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili and Swedish and Systran 7 bulk translation software.

The language table can also be created and edited manually. Either way, it provides full control over the text of every caption and system message, even English.

When a user first logs in, we look up their preferred language and load the corresponding table into memory, which then populates all screens. However, users can easily switch their caption language, field data language or both, and can do so at any time throughout their day.

In fact, we are very big on providing ways for our customers to communicate with their customers, in whatever language they speak. In fact, we include a data entry field level spelling checker that supports multiple languages and, in addition to the ability to generate letters, e-mails, text messages (SMS) and bill inserts, we allow each to be created in multiple languages. We then look up the preferred languages of recipients and send the correct variant without the need for user intervention.

This sends a strong “We speak your language” message that promotes customer loyalty.

Multiple Currencies – No Problem

Our Currency Table accommodates conversion rules for all world currencies, and our task scheduler allows users to define rules for automatic updates from a monetary conversion web site. In addition, reports can be generated in two simultaneous currencies and users can individually define their local currency, their EDR / CDR rating currency and their billing currency. At the contract level, users can override a given customer’s billing currency.

As payments are applied, users can right click on any amount entry field to invoke a pop-up that allows applications in up to 10 different currencies simultaneously and provides users with a summary total in the local currency.

All Address Formats

Our Postal Address table allows users to create country-specific formats to ensure compliance with local postal regulations, and our interface with Melissa Data provides automatic address validation and normalization for over 240 countries.

World Format Toll Tables

Our Toll Tables can be set to automatically import and update changes in NPAs, NXXs and phone prefixes world-wide. Meanwhile, all entered phone numbers and rated call numbers are stored and displayed in a “World format”.

Localized Date Formats

Dates are stored in a universal format. So, if one of our customers enters 10 January 2014 as 10/01/14, and has a related question, we see the entry as 01/10/14 or January 10, 2014. This same automatic conversion carries across reports as well.

World-Wide Tax Compliance

Our Tax Tables accommodate world-wide taxation rules, including minimum, maximum, flat and variable amounts, as well as tax on tax. Tax rates can be entered manually or automatically updated by a tax rates service provider. Geo Code tax calculations are also supported.

This all ensures international out-of-the-box operation without customization.