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3Volumes That Speak Volumes
In general, complete, voluminous and easy to understand reference documentation is a clear sign of a mature and well-supported product.

Furthermore, when it comes to operational support software, the more descriptive the text, and the more screen shots and real-world usage examples, the better. It is also usually better to have documentation that is imbedded in the software, rather on media stored in some a filing cabinet.

At Advantage 360, we could not agree with these important principles more.

All user documentation is full color, and is both imbedded in our software and supplied separately on media. It consists of 19 department-specific chapters and more than 3,500 pages of well-organized and easy-to-under-stand step-by-step instructions, feature descriptions, operational steps and applicable recommendations and cautions. This includes over 1,800 screen examples.

In addition to user documentation, we provide two 40+ page quick-reference user guides that cover front office sales, activation and payment receipts processes and back office accounting processes. We also provide over 150 task-specific work-flow documents that include hundreds of annotated screen shots and cover business-critical functions step-by-step. We also provide thousands of pages of technical documentation that is designed for system administrators and IT staff.

In total, our documentation provides an invaluable reference library that can educate and guide staff through thousands of processes on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis, without the time or cost of additional training.

Needless to say, documentation is an important and valuable metric in comparing software suppliers.